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Hi sweet friends! This week’s post is over something I’ve never done before- beauty products! I’ve been wanting to do one for awhile so I’m excited to do a review over my Sephora products for y’all! Purple mini makeup bag- Jon Hart | Pink “Gorgeous” makeup bag- older (Marshalls find)

 These are my two main makeup bags. I don’t have much makeup that I use on a daily basis so I just carry my main products in my mini Jon Hart bag because it’s the perfect size and the cutest color! I’ve always wished I was good at makeup but to be honest, I’m just not. I can never figure out how to blend anything and Lord help me when it comes to eyeliner, haha! But I do love lipstick because it’s easy to put on and doesn’t require much technique so I put all of my lipsticks in my pink “Gorgeous” makeup bag. Most days I’ll just pick the color I want for the day and put it in my Jon Hart bag!

Chloe Coffret Perfume  | Tory Burch Perfume

Something that I love about Sephora is all the mini makeup and perfume sets that they have. I always end up getting mini versions of everything, as you can tell by this post. When I got all this stuff at Sephora I was looking to buy a larger bottle of perfume, but then I saw these 2 mini sets and they were SO much cheaper. I got two different brand name perfumes for the price of one and they smell so good! Another reason I love the mini versions of products is because I can test them out to see if I want to go back and get the full size!

1. Bite Beauty Lipstick Set – I got these two pink shades because I’m a sucker for a soft pink lipstick! They wear pretty well and they are great if you love more neutral lipstick tones.

2. YSL Lipstick (09 Rose Stiletto) – I love YSL makeup products and when I found this pink I was obsessed! It’s the prettiest color and it’s a good tone against my pale skin.

3. fresh lip duo – Fresh products are awesome because they really do work. This is my second tube of the Sugar chapstick because it makes my lips so soft! I definitely recommend!

1. Too Faced: White Chocolate Chip Palette– I think this is my favorite of the 3! Every time I open it, it smells like chocolate and who doesn’t love that smell?! I also just love the super light pinks and nude tones!

2. tarte: Tarteist Pro To Go Amazonian Clay Palette– This palette has two fun sparkly shades, which I love, and also some great nude tones.

3. smashbox: Photo Matte Eyes Travel Palette– I feel like everyone needs a palette like this one because it’s your classic colors— everything from a super light white shade to dark brown.

I cannot say enough good things about these 3 eyeshadow palettes!! I am obsessed with the neutral colors in them and if you’re like me and usually go for a more natural look, then these are the palettes for you.

I hope that you guys liked this post! It was fun writing a post for something other than clothes! I hope everyone has had a fun weekend. It was so hot it felt like Summer here and so we laid out by the pool! 🙂 I’m also seriously looking forward to getting this coming Friday and next Monday off for Easter. YAY!

Stay classy.

xoxo, Kate


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